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The New Standard

Use Data to Get a 360° View of Your Business

Phantom Network

Let Your Network Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

At Phantom Network, we see an interconnected network where technology has the power to bring together people. Connection matters now more than ever and our pledge is to help you continue to operate and provide you with solutions to adapt the way you work.

We have the technology, expertise and know how to help you achieve it.

Support Agile working, enable Cloud strategy, deliver a better user experience regarding today applications, dealing with Security threats and always being up-to-date with new arrivals which can change efficiently ways to collaborate and productivity.

Infrastructure challenges haven't changed, they've just got more complex. We deal with technology evolution tracking, capacity planning of infrastructures and drive down costs at the meantime to enable a tailor-made roadmap 

Cloud  Network Modernization

Iaas and Saas are Two of the most Common Ways to gain Value, Flexibility and Capability from the Cloud.

It means also Outsourcing resources and Maintenance. It is Definitely the Target of Evolving infrastructures. What a better Situation where Outsourcing is just a Gateway.

Robust Infrastructure

Matter of Infrastructure is first a matter of Network Standards. It defines in which way Network is going to grow and adapt with technology evolutions. It involves Business strategy, what is the place of digital in the Company?

It has always been about Availability, Resiliency, Vendor solutions,

Efficiency, Security and Capacity planning to track Network sanity. We believe those are deeply and definitely tied up to Business matter.

Data Security Acceleration

Securising Data is the way to prevent a Business to be at Risk. It goes into several Layers of components Critical for the Data and Infrastructure. We Believe Security must be in Network DNA and have many steps forward against Digital Threat.

Full Customer Experience Service

We think Services have to be like an extension of a Company requesting for skills and results. But it's also Humans and Mindset, whole teams which collaborate each together. What about an experience where we're just a team behind your walls but so close and delivering in your way regarding constraints and environment?

Kotva 1

Without a deep visibility of your IT environment, you're working with blind spot and when application issue happens stopwatch is running but impacts and consequences have already raged! 

Networkers are firefighting on hard and high complexity situations. Lifetime of an architecture led it into changing and growing, transforming and moving. Mixing with technology and security requirements, our teams offer services where expertise is at the epicenter of our plan. Because this is foundation of any innovative idea, we master and we deliver what is critical for the well being of your infrastructure .

Visibility tools mean you can move from reactive to proactive solutions, sorting problems before users realize there is something wrong and setting up automatic fixes to common issue.

Visibility-as-a-Service is there to help you manage your network.


Networks have stories to tell. Our story is a bundle of relevant experiences in IT field which bring us to devotion. The link between an organisation is tied up to the network as a support which transport it to higher levels ever and ever.

Visibility bring clarity
The Future is Clear   

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

Years of Experience

Business Partners

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Countries World Wide

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Our Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

The starting point for a digitized Business must be a benchmark position of how network and applications are performing. 

Find the best of your Network potential by highlighting it's strength and complete it with robust solutions. We do work with leaders of network products and we are proud to say we have Experts willing to deliver the most challenging needs over this technologies. Network solution isn't only a matter of transformation but also optimization which can be an add-on in your environment to boost your business. 


The massive shift to home working, traffic that use public internet or providers ecosystem have accelerated the need to turn Businesses in Software-as-a-Service solutions as a quick. All of this make sens and our job is to walk you through those steps safely with visibility and satisfaction.

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