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Phantom Network

How to build a network that can meet today's challenges and prepare for the future.

By Nadir Khenak

Founder, CEO, Phantom Network

Building the network you need

I have met lot of Engineers and I have always thought what we do is helping. People trust on us because they believe we're able of the impossible over network and IT stuffs. As an Engineer we need to be confident with what we do so there is the point with learning, excellence and true expertises. 

At Phantom Network our mindset is full of self challenges about how we can be productive and satisfied any request. Satisfaction is one of our self need. to fulfill it our Experts are challenging themselves into an internal Elite program for their carrier but also for challenges they live in their missions. We've helping our customers with increased their bandwidth so they can deal with huge trafic rise coming from VPN home workers and we've increased VPN capacities il less than a day to respond with oncoming crisis.

The IT priority is keeping your business running and available at any way, and it means reacting quickly to changing network needs.

Making this progress during pandemic wasn't just about adding capacities to adapt our way to work but it was a whole challenge around security matters, availability of the network and its applications, how to monitor and increase visibility for the future. All those questions are still our purpose. We can be proud but the job isn't done yet. 

it's time for smart network decisions. You may be dealing with cost pressures and capacity needs in the network you didn't expect. 

Increasing visibility using the right tools can give you the opportunity to make better decisions about the future. If you can get the right facts about your application or service usages and see the performances, you would be able to provide quick response to network issues.

We have choose GRAFANA as a relevant monitoring tool we can provide to our customers to get a wide visibility of their network performance. 

Each network interface can be graphed with threshold metrics which can highlight capacity limits, bad behavior ongoing on your network or unapropriate usages.

If your organisation has any questions about network obsolescence, resiliency, robustness matters or capacity planning, please reach out to our Account Managers so we can see how we can be useful. 

Experienced Leadership

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